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We have developed an advanced biometrics capture experience that's fast and accurate. An inhouse state-of-the-art foot pressure machine has been engaged in constantly researching and analysing the foot and ankles. With thousands of data points, the machine’s data contains very detailed dynamic (also called kinetic) and static information about the feet and ankles.

The 3D analysis captures shape and volume to determine footwear or gear attributes. The data defines the movement of the body and it helps determine footwear attributes like density and torsion. We use more than 2000 points in foot to design accurate 3D printed orthotics. We use computer vision algorithm to find arch height, arch points, and wedging angle and also use standardised podiatrist prescription to make corrective insoles.

The Kiosk is a fantastic patient education tool.

- Dr. Kaser Nazir, Podiatrist

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